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[Refund Request] Anniesong


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Your Name:  Anniesong
Item Name + Amount: 

  • Diamond Sword x1
  • Diamond Pickaxe x1
  • Bucket x1
  • Iron Ingot x43
  • Thaumonomicon x1
  • Great Wood Planks x8
  • Scanner x1
  • Wrought Iron Ingot x1
  • Witch Hat x1

Coordinates:  Grave at: (X,Y,Z)= (-5092,68,-4802)
Description of Issue: Was burning Iron to make wrought iron.  Standing near fire. Had half a heart.  Got lit on fire and died beside fire.  When I /home and went to get my gravestone it was not there.  Went to the cords where my death was and it still was not there.
Screenshots (Optional): I have screenshots of my death log showing the items if you need additional information.


Thank you!

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