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[Server] [Sa:mp] A Hard Roleplay Server


SA:MP Server  

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  1. 1. Would you like to have a SA:MP server?

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Recently i got perma banned on my favourite SA:MP server, so as a old hobby, i started (again) to make SA:MP severs, so is anyone interested to host a craftersland SA:MP server, the gamemode is almost finished, i need to fix a few bugs and to improve a little bit the anti cheat.


Your suggestions will be welcomed!


I will post screenshots in the near future.

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I vote yes, SA:MP is awesome, a lot of things to do (get a car, join a clan or faction, have a job,etc it's real life, but depends on the gamemode like stunt or zombie or RP which I think he wants).

It dosen't matter if you have it or not, it's a 2gb game.

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and you can find san andreas cracked on every corner of the internet.

I can get compress to 1000MB if you want not even kidding GTA san andreas is about 4.7Gb too and I'll host the file if possible.


Though player rate dropped after GTA 5 released on the PC version i read (Not that i would know nice I've not played it in a long - long time.)

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I'll try that archive. Thanks.


Nevermind, it's peak download was at 400 kb/s. It stopped at 55,5 Mb. Do you have another source?

So much compress will destroy quality of the game, i can get it safely to 1gb something without loss.


Imagine porting SA:MP over to GTA 5...

Rockstar hire this guy

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I had a 2 day bleak to take one of my exams, now i'm back on track.

McMod i would like get a chance to go in game with you, this is a really awesome project just thought about it, I'm willing to help I'm rusty with video/photo editing, but I'll try to get back and then I'll try to help out if you need any.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Huge update:

-The 0.3.7 update messed most of the servers up, mine isn't a exeption.

-I will have to rewrite the server from scratch, again.

+Most of the code can be salvageable, but it need to be worked on.

+I was at 95% completion when the update came out.

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Ow SA-MP server hell yeah, I was gonna suggest that but I though people will be like wtf is sa-mp, but yeah,  I can map and script a little bit in sa-mp It would be great if I could help +1 but be sure to make it 0.3.7 ;)

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