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/fly Should Go To Specific People


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Hey guys i saw that some youtubers in ac v1 have 10 subs and have /fly i dont know why one example is ad3d and also i think his name was destroyer2311 he is a new youtuber in the server and he got /fly i asked him how he got it he wouldnt tell me so that made me curios, ya know what i mean?


So maybe it should be fair that maybe all yt get /fly or some get /fly but the ones who get it have to play for a while or have alot of subs.


It would be great if my idea works and also i really want a reply from a staff pls :D :D :D 


Thnx for your time :D!.


Best regards xblazeMIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes i know that but as i told you the names i mentioned earlier  in the message were the youtuber with 10 DAMN SUBS and have /FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 For goodness sake how did it get to THEM!!!!!!!!!!!


Thats all i want to know :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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