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Can Be A Good Idea, For Have Fun In The Server


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well, Im going to suggest an idea for Ac v1.


I think that when you are OP in the server its come more boring, but this is not only for the OP people, is  a great fun idea for play in teams, and with friends to pass a good time.


Well, my idea is simple, just add a pluggin that you can create your faction, like the gamemode of faction, but only to create your fac, your team, add people to that team.


It would be nice to put a reward system like most kills individual and most kills in clans, or i dont know, I think this is a good idea, in my opinion I would like to create, a fac with my friends, and add people to have fun and all that.


Please considerate this post, I think it can be a very good system, easy system, and very easy to install in the Ac v1.


Thx for your time



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well, I thought that this servers have people who know of pluggins, peronsally I dont know of this a lot, but if the server need people who knows of this, we dont you like a part of the forum in which you can present like this if you know of this, im only suggesting :/.

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I really like ur idea..

But we need some one to add/make this plugin.And if ur successfull with the idea then It can be added to Assasins v1 :).

I think some people on the server can add this plugin.

If not I have some friends who can do it thx.

Hope it woukd be added to the server!!



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Hmmm I know a server that has that mode... no theme assassin creed(assassin craft) maybe they could help with the plugin, well, i not put the server because I do not want to be seen as advertising xD jim or digi (or staff) If you want to know the server ask for PM



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