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Guys I was wondering if I can be op like ad3d but I'm no scammer

I mentioned I was suggesting to be builder some servers when I get builder

I don't abuse my powers I'm a good guy I'm trustable with people

When the first server I go op I was really helpful I really enjoyed

That server don't abuse commands never ban people for nothing and the

Server needs more parkours our villages adventures ranks and stuff. I

Suggest that you accept me because I'm a good builder I can make good

Parkours and villages avdventures

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Dude you can't just come on the forum after being inactive for a long period of time and ask for the builder rank.. You need to be talented at building and u need to build hard parkours and u need to build buildings according to the assassin theme.

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ad3d was builder in heistMC (parther server)

If you're talking about heist these making the post in the wrong section

the rank builder,If you talk about heist  There is no op only has access to /gm   and constructions are made in a world apart...

I was a builder in heist

(before the update, Now I don't know how did matt)




well, the builder in the network server,I dont have idea about this,but I've seen the game masters building

maybe first you have to be of the staff to get the Builder rank....

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