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  1. [Status: Opened] Network Helper Recruitment

    Name: Zuraigat Alexandru Age/Sex: 26/Male Minecraft username: HellFir3 Skype username: Zuraigat Alexandru Do you have a microphone?: Yes. Playtime hours per day: 6-18, depend of my work. Do you think you can meet our requirements?: Yes Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?: Yes Country + Time Zone: Romania GMT +2 ----------------------------------- 2. Staff Knowledge What can you offer us as a Helper?: Help the server player with all they need, solve problems in mature way, what can i say more? Help with all what i can. Have you had any past experience?: Not on online communities to be hunest, but i love testing all kind of thing about this game, so yes .. I have a lot of experience on the game commands and server settings .. etc. What do you value in a good Staff Member?: Team worker, mature. Two players are fighting in global chat, using excessive caps and vulgar language, what do you do?: Try to calm them down, and solve their "fight" in a marute way .. and tell them about not using excessive caps. ----------------------------------- 3. Motivation Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: I love this community, and want to help out. What are your expectations from us?: Team work. Why are you interested in our servers and community?: I'am arround here for a long time, i played alot of skyfactory and modded server before, but in the last time i played alot of network servers, for here i'am to help. ----------------------------------- 4. Minecraft Experience When did you start playing Minecraft?: Verry old time ago, i really don't remember exactly, more than 3 years anyway Do you have premium or cracked account ?: Premium When did you start playing on Craftersland?: Hmm, i started on skyfactory, maybe 2-3 years ago. Have you ever been banned?: No. ----------------------------------- 5. Other relevant information Nothing special, i'am just a man how love to help others anytime they need it
  2. [BUG] Skyblock - Nether

    Hello, I just found a bug in skyblock / nether (permissions problem maybe) no one can hit/kill the mobs there .. Thanks for support, best regards!