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  1. [Command Request] HellFir3

    Thanks alot Can't wait to catch you on skyfactory now, we are alot waiting for too long already for random things there ( even a wipe vote? )
  2. [Command Request] HellFir3

    Oh i did not got a notification that you replyed here, and i was waiting and waiting that is really wiered .. anyway thank you for the response. About the tpx, i really have no idea what permissions node it has, but i use it always in single player when testing mystcraft worlds .. i believe it is from mystcraft itself It teleport you between mystcraft worlds, or even back to the overworld with /tpx 0 .. and i wanted the command to go to the permanent world easly when i'll finish creating a stable one
  3. Very Mature Topic

    Last post date: August 28, 2016 Are you serious?? you saw a 1 year+ old post .. what you thought? hmm, it's too old, let's bump it! Great job ...
  4. Complaint [Chunk_Reloader]

    This complaint is hilarious, how he claim that you built in their claim. If anyone would believe this, it will be really ridiculous. Anyway, i was right behind Chunk_Reloader while he was building the bedrocks outside their town ( Yeah vanished and watching ) and i have a video of the exact moment when BulletProofMonk came and claimed 3 chunks there, and how that warning apeared that i could not enter the left chunk, it just pushed me back showing the warning and did not teleported me to spawn, then Chunk_Reloader was teleported to spawn when he moved, due to the town permission for none to enter, and the server crashed after short time. I wanted to post that video directly here but i failed to upload it .. BUT if a high staff member really want to see it, he is welcome to contact me and ask me to give him TeamViewer access and watch it directly on my PC, or if he could even help me uploading it somewhere it would be even better. ( it would be helpful for future uploads )
  5. [Command Request] HellFir3

    Hello again, and thanks that you left this topic opened I would like to get the /tpx command (going to make a permanent world asap) And the /tppos As i stated in the first post, if i see/feel something suspicious, i fly to that person to watch him from a close distance. Eventually to stop/report him! And you know this is really bad due to the huge amount of chunks loads doing that ... I do not think that /tp will help in these cases .. because the bad intentional people usually close their towns, so ... just getting close to them is enough i guress. And please if you can remove the tp delay too. Thank you and best regards!
  6. Yet another dupe bug found

    From the moment i saw burny's reply i was like wtf? this is still not patched yet?! and started to seach and read and search again for solutions.. Now i'm trying to get the same server mcpc version to do some tests localy ( it seems there is an essential config that could stop it ) First of all i want to see if that config exist in this version and if it would affect other things if you change it .. and i'll be very happy to help patching it ( just pray with me that it exists in this version ) PS: It could take a while for alot of reasons: I'm not home ( on vacation ), with a very bad internet connection .. and again, On vacation!
  7. transfer rank

    Yes you can, here is a Ranks Transfer Section .. there you post your request following the template.
  8. Dupping

    Here are 3 more screenshots in case they are needed! 1. EvilRogue01's inventory : https://imgur.com/JLAAkIz 2. RC4675's inventory : https://imgur.com/CR3uEGL 3. RC4675's inventory after he opened 18 of them: https://imgur.com/sQbVSbe
  9. [Command Request] HellFir3

    Roger that PS:Very old crafter here, back from a long pause .. i'm sure i still know all the community rules , it will be no problem at all
  10. P+ money request

    They were not needed anymore as i stated in my previous post, because i got 50k for the S+, But thanks .. i apprectiate your interest in refunding Topic could be closed now.
  11. Report

    I can't see how you could look in "this person chest" without having access to it .. but what i can see that you are Premium+ A staff member can check if this items were spawned by you, or it is a real dupe case ( which i doubt to be true ) Edit: There is something wrong with this guy .. he just joined the forum and posted this directly? High staff members should check this guy on ip , multi-accounts .. etc .. i really smell something wrong here :/
  12. Account Name: HellFir3 Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands: WE and vanish ( at least just to vanish from players, if that is a staff only command ) Reason for Request: I would like to have WE access so i can build my space station easly .. and vanish, the most important wish for having this access, to not have problems any problems interacting with other players and eventualy catching me with creative items over me somewhere ouside my town, and take them, hide them, sell them, create alot of problems is that would happen .. etc. and just for peacefull purposes .. and even help with all i can using it ( eventually catching rules breakers silenctly with some videos/photos ) and i will never use it for killing or harming others. I'd like to add that i bought the S+ rank on network servers too , i spend some time there too .. could this or any or this 2 commands be added there too? Thank you, and keep up the good work @brunyman and best regards!
  13. P+ money request

    I upgraded to S+ on network and on tekkit too for this summer sale so i got 50k, no need for money anymore, thanks for taking attention! Topic could be closed.
  14. P+ money request

    I had the rank, i just wanted the money .. Mmmm, i think i did not spent a single $ on that night ( i bought the rank in that night before the wipe, a few hours before the wipe to be more specific ) I knew that the wipe is coming very soon, i was waiting for it .. so i bought the rank to have a good start after the wipe, but did not realize that even the money will be deleted. i thought they will just remain like the rank.
  15. essentials.fly.safelogin I'm not sure if this exist in tekkit, but it's a standard essentials permission. Peace