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  1. Plox fix
  2. I once ate a lemon it felt sexual
  3. Hi

    @quagma hey my little squidy friend, how you been tum kaha sa ho? karchi ka ho? or eik or pakistani b tha muger us na abuse kia tha, wo staff tha nice meeting another pakistani @Powerwarp lets stick to cs
  4. Hi

    Yo sup how you been freaking almost been a year since we talked
  5. Hi

    Yea miss this community miss loads of things about it actually, kinda miss getting to talk to new people everyday so ya I miss thia just a tiny bit
  6. Hi

    Hi, I was getting a bit bord so I thought I would re vist the forums
  7. Im just gonna say a UHC server wont do bad
  8. i approve of this topic
  9. no im not coming back but i just wanted to say that the site looking amazing with the new format n stuff nice job on that bruny and ya
  10. i approve of this topic :DDDDDDDDDDDD but there is one more easter egg that none has yet to find
  11. :DDD
  12. What server are you talking about and what is your in-game name
  13. What server and whats your in-game name
  14. Done T/C
  15. ​He already answered you T/C