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    I play minecraft, and am addicted to overwatch right now so feel free to hit me up for a game :DD

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  1. Tekkit - CL Archive - 2013/2014.

    My god I should visit the forums more often haha. @Jimmel @Marko @flamingironbird @Andrew2070 and everyone else from back in the day add me on discord @ Simon#0447 so we can catch up or something. P.S. Sorry for waking up a basically dead post lol
  2. Refund Request

    Refunded. Topic closed.
  3. Tekkit - CL Archive - 2013/2014.

    @Marko, it's been ages, remember our massive base, on tekkit I think? :DD
  4. Tekkit - CL Archive - 2013/2014.

    Damn this brings back memories dude :DD
  5. Dargon The Dragon

    I luv it <3
  6. Dargon The Dragon

    Draw a penguin pretty please
  7. Decide My Fate

    Dont listen to dem people. You should definetly stay.
  8. Dargon The Dragon

  9. Hello I Need Clarification

    The real carloz moved his rank to iTz_iiMasterLoL (http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/9782-transfer-sponsor/?hl=carloz) and iTz_iiMasterLoL requested to move it to BryanTacoMan ( http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/10695-account-sold-transfer-sponsor/?hl=bryantacoman ) not sure if it was moved tho. So if u can provide me with proof that you are carloz and you still have the rank if not the ban stays
  10. Spacefactions Updates!

    Maybe staff ranks for the next update ?
  11. This Server Is The Worst I Have Ever Seen!

    What server are you talking about exactly and are you sure that there are no rules? im certain there are and if u need i can give u a link to them
  12. Pm Not Working

    you mean this? http://imgur.com/iIQxpti
  13. [Ctw] Hackers & Teamgriefers

    And Bruny when u see this can u give GM's permission to jail?
  14. [Ctw] Hackers & Teamgriefers

    PM any network staff with screenshots/videos and nicknames of the people.

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