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  1. So uhh, it's a little late but: My ign is ItzLeUnspoken and i am currently enrolled into the staff team as Judge. I Staff 3 servers all at once on one computer. and the rest of my info will be in this template: Name: Daniel IGN: ItzLeUnspoken Age: 17 (Currently). Crafter's Land Servers you play: SF2, SB2, Omni, Continuum, DW20 1.12, and IE. Location: Mars (I drink my tears). A short description of yourself: Tech nerd, can't take away my tech or i will die. Hobbies and interests: Computers, Minecraft (No Derp). Discord / Skype Name~ Tag: ItzLeUnspoken#8225 - Discord Name on CL ATM: ItzLeUnspoken[Judge][SB2/SF2/OF]. If you guys need help on one of the three servers i staff you can tag me in the respective discord channel and I will be sure to answer.
  2. This issue has been solved. LOCKING
  3. Taken care of. LOCKING
  4. This issue has been resolved. Locking
  5. Thank you, but for future reference, please use: https://pastebin.com/
  6. Can you reply with the crash log it provides you please?
  7. Your Name: ItzLeUnspokenCoordinates: -3329x 100y 2303zTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Sunday June 23rd 6:00AM ESTDescription of Issue: Immersive engineering crusher (a bugged block) was placed in my island by IGN: justindelimaScreenshots (Optional): I cant log on to show the block. There has been an attempt to remove this block, it failed.
  8. Your Name: ItzLeUnspokenCave Owner Name: ItzLeUnspokenCoordinates: -3329x 100y 2303zTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6/21/19 9:00PM ESTDescription of Issue: My Island member was mined with World breaker hammer mode and broke our Main area to our caveScreenshots (Optional):
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