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  1. Ok I understand I will not do large scale Worldediting
  2. Account Name: YumiComiusito Rank: Sponsor + Requested Commands^: All the common requested commands and tppos and no teleport timer Reason for Request*: Just to have them really I honestly don't know what commands I can request so I am just saying the pretty much just the common requested commands and Tppos just to teleport to way-points I make so I can get materials easier and I don't want pesky teleport timers getting in the way but its not the most important thing in the world.
  3. NEI Access: Items and Weather - For this you need to wait for configuration ~24h For the Sponsor Rank
  4. In-Game Nickname: (Char30801) Time and date:12/3/2018 around 11:40pm Central Time US Description of what happened: Char30801 Said "all spawn I give the dragon swords" and I checked his inventory and he had spawned alot of things Also his broken english is because he is apparently Russian Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/XXiFjq0 List of eyewitnesses: All I remember is Havoc64 and K_T_90
  5. I agree Nick is very confusing to some people and I think it would be better if it was more obvious as well.
  6. Everything is fine except a few things but theyre so minor that I can make them again thanks for the roll back
  7. Your Name: YumiComiusitoTown Name: RazerCoordinates: x2902.12852 z4031.06622Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11/23/2018 1:25:00pmDescription of Issue: When I was trying to break a machine with a Awaken Draconic Staff of Power I accidentally left it on 7x7x1 and broke all my machines and chests filled with expensive materials I have bought over the time.Screenshots (Optional):
  8. Account Name: Dane0813 Nick: ROFLsaurus_Rex Item name + item ID: Ingame Money Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 8/1/18 Data Wipe Description of Issue:The wipe included a data wipe but id like my $20k back because of my rank. Evidence (optional, but recommended): The picture is evidence
  9. When will this wipe occur so I don't miss it?
  10. Will we be keeping our money because I donated and recevied money will I be keeping the donated amount or did I waste my irl moneys
  11. Well there are some mods that do cause instability to large servers that I pretty sure the Infinity Server has not banned yet and this might be the root cause of the lag problem. Also there isn't much staff on other than Manyouforgot he's the only staff I've seen on the Infinity Server otherwise it kinda does feel like the over all staff of Crafter's Land has abandoned the Infinity Server but I understand that it isn't "abandoned" and that you are doing you best to fix the issues that are going on with the server and that you are doing your best and constantly dealing with our complains isn't helping.
  12. Yes very weird the carts were mostly freaking out and going mach 5 on the rails
  13. Yeah I get this too like I sometimes take random damage and it really annoying like frfr
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