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  1. It won’t break anything I can’t replace easily so an entire town rollback would be fine
  2. Town name: BigBoyClubNEW Coords: -2927 -2238 and -2930 -2238 and -2932 -2242 and -2925 -2242 (just those 4 chunks please time rollback to: 7:20 am AEST saturday the 12th may What happened: Accidentally clicked and broke something and then my entire automatic resource setup disappeared
  3. could you place it at x: -2935 y: 65 z: -2292 pls could not find anything in cfg files that allowed a change to the number of uses of the obelisk placer
  4. TNT should be working just try moving out of ur town and doing it otherwise I can send you some awakened draconium if you want. how much are u trying to make?
  5. Name: Tragicbunny01 Items lost: Creative portable tank x2 fluid storage bus x5 What happened: I was placing things down in my base and when i broke them (with the awakened ichorium pickaxe) they were floating on the ground looking like they could be picked up but when i turned my magnet on to pick them up they appeared as ghost items in my inv and upon relog disappeared
  6. when I next get on I can have a look in the thaum config files if u can't find a way? Otherwise i'll just make a post when i get on and can find get my base coords and where I want the obelisk placed
  7. oh i didn't know that, is there a way to change the number of uses in the config?
  8. As a result of some people be they ignorant or trolls destroying the majority of the eldritch obelisks in the wild it is pretty hard to find one that isn't already being used or destroyed, so I am requesting the obelisk placer item be added to the spawn store or a custom Xtreme crafting recipe being made (i don't really have any idea what could be included in it). I think it should be priced anywhere between 1-5k but it's up to your judgement as I'm sure you don't what the map spammed with them.
  9. @michal359 I love you, also issue resolved you can close the topic now
  10. @michal359 if that’s true I love you so much and I’m gonna make one soon unless awakened ichorium stuff is disabled/banned which I think it might be
  11. Problem solved just use transfer nodes. You can close this topic
  12. No that is an ongoing issue that I still have not found a solution to
  13. So as a few people may know I have had trouble recently with creative energy cells not outputting power and when they do not always the correct amount (100k per side) I was wondering if there is anything that could be done to help stop this from happening.
  14. actually ignore this i found the problem but the creative cell still isn't working and i have no idea why it keeps breaking, it seems to fix everytime it is broken and replaced but since i cannot do that it is a major problem for me as it is my main power source
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