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  1. Hello, so my friend was banned today for "Offense - Creative tag bypass" The moderator explained to me why he banned my friend, it was for holding an item that was for creative users only. But he didn't know, because he found the block in my cave which was griefed and there were many of random blocks. The date of the ban 2019-05-02 somewhere around 23:00 EEST Banner: D34DPlayer Banned: Pykc_Dede
  2. Yea that was a typo, I edited it. I was really mad about it so made a typo
  3. Your Name: Dynamitas Island Owner: DynamitasCoordiantes: x -6416 z 1782Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): 04/30/19 somewhere around EEST 23:00Description of Issue: McJambo and TenorLemons griefed my base and not only my base, but others too and the spawn too.Screenshots (Optional):
  4. I could help with the development maybe? And if there's nothing to do you can try to implement this feature.
  5. If you have any questions here's my discord: ItsMeLuKaS#4971
  6. IGN: ItsMeLuKaS Suggestion: Hi, I came up with an idea that players could set their own language of the server. Like if you're german and don't speak english very well, you could just do /language <language>. Players could volunteer to be a translator, because a google translator or a mod isn't accurate, one of the admins tried to use and show me the mod, but it translated wrong. It wouldn't translate players messages, only the information of the server, scoreboards and etc. Need of the suggestion: I think that it would be more convenient for others that don't speak englis
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