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  1. Love the concept for the launcher. The game loads so much quicker and I love having schematica in it as well. 👍
  2. Hey y'all my name is DixieRose and well I am a YouTube Content creator. I currently have around 430 subs, which may not be a lot, but for me it is huge. I started doing content creation a year ago after I realized I could try to make difference in the world. I am not trying to gain fame, but am trying to promote awareness through gaming about Lupus. For those that don't know Lupus is an auto immune disease with no cure. And yes I do suffer from it. I took this path of content creation to show the world that the disease is very real and it is devastating. I am trying to raise awareness so that a cure may someday be found. I have played modded Minecraft for about 7 yrs now and really enjoy the Minecraft community as a whole, since I get to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. Anyways, thanks for looking and see you in the skies! I have included a link to my skyfactory 2.5 series from here.
  3. Your Name: DixieRoseYTIsland Owner Name: DixieRoseYTCoordiantes: -6200 17000Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 07/06/2019 4pm estDescription of Issue: I reset my island today so I could start my YouTube series. When I logged back on to do some grinding I noticed I was stuck in a storage cell. Sure that would add to the challenge, however the storage cell was shrinking. So I cut my losses, as I didn't have much to begin with and reset the island. But it still showed me in a storage cell. So I don't know if someone pranked me or what, but could I please get my island back. The coords are -6200 17000. I did loose my daily reward and vote stuff but those can be gotten again. Thanks!Screenshots (Optional): *Please disregard this post. Island is back to normal now.
  4. Hello my name is DixieRose and it was suggested that I apply for the content creator program by Lancelot.  I have 430 subs currently and am more than willing to upload 3 or more vids a week.  I did start on the SF 3 side but my older pc did not like it.  You will find my channel listed below.  Thanks for considering me for your Youtuber program.


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