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  1. Cool duck's. Don't ever grow up too fast it will come soon enough. Your the Duckman. or Beekboy not sure which one yet!
  2. Because through my own mistakes I've been PermBanned and my wife and children still play on tekkit and are co-owners in the land my base is on. Please change ownership of my claim to ZombieLord. I would request that all my funds be transferred to him as well, or to GwinGoth. Please and Thank You! I have removed the paypal refund request as settled. No money should have left Buycraft from Mr. Alin's account. All my prior purchases should be given to ZombieLord or Gwingoth as well.
  3. In game name: Proof of Purchase: Paypal Transaction ID's: 0Y170516TX364780L 9.99eur 2MM715788J850473U 4.99eur 5FC0418779753533K 4.99 eur $124 + euro's since April 04, 2019 Description of Issue: I purchased Sponsor+ and many other ingame service add-ons that because of your server lag add-on has made them useless! this images is suppose to be chunkloaders not Obsidian but they add-on keeps Griefing my base ME controller, Chunkloaders and other modules. Therefore I'm not getting what I paid for. Date/Time of Purchase: Multiple dates all verifiable thru my paypal account starting April 04, 2019 with Sponsor+ Items/Rank Bought: Sponsor+, Claim allocations "multiple" and Chunkloader allocation increase "multiples" Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information:
  4. Tekkit server: MaverickGoth I am a victim of the chicken chunkloader wrench swiping problem. I am missing a total of 11 of my chunk loader capability. I've paid cash donations for a total of 24 I have none down and it says I have 11 used of 24. Please add them back to my character. Thank You! in advance. This is the only chunk loader I have down and I just placed it as you can see.
  5. Your Name: MaverickgothItem Name + Amount: Tier II Rocket storage space: 54 X10162 10162:3 quantity: 3Coordinates: X: 3675 Y: 21 Z: 2483Description of Issue: I built 6 tier II rockets and 3 of the 6 completely vanished out of my bag before i could send them to the market like the first 3 "/market sell 350". So I'm requesting an Item refund of 3 tier II rockets with 56 storage. Thank You in advance. is this glitch fixable?Screenshots (Optional):https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/226733117480632320/587152241929224192/2019_06_09_00_33_04_Minecraft_1.6.4.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/226733117480632320/587152816074653717/2019_06_09_00_35_26_Minecraft_1.6.4.png
  6. Your Name: MaverickGothTown Name: hataCoordinates of Town: xcoord 3816, zcoord 2599Town members: TyCeP - Mayor no one elseReason for request: Its blocking me from claiming and the individual hasn't been on for over a month and a half *** Please do not delete the building or items there thank you ***Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  7. Your Name: MaverickGothTown Name: MeroviaCoordinates of Town: xcoord 3685,, z 2679 1 chunkTown members: Mirraxsis - Mayor and no one elseReason for request: Its blocking me from claiming and the individual hasn't been on for over a month.Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  8. Your Name: MaverickgothTown Name: MystCraft world AGE 53929Coordinates: unavailableTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): May 27 2019 11:00amDescription of Issue: crashed MystCraft world when //regen 40x40 quarried hole. MystCraft world is paid for to keep alive.Screenshots (Optional): unavailable
  9. I already showed Henk where the Boss Area was but here are the pictures for the Griefed Area for your documentatiion. It has been this way for a little over a month maybe 2. I do not know who messed it up, but I hope it can be fixed as it is just north of my Mar's base. Thank You. Personal Thank You to Henk.
  10. Also you'll see only 10 Heavy Plates left, I started with 50.
  11. Your Name: MaverickGothItem Name + ID + Ammount: Tier 2 Rocket 10162:3 Storage Space: 54, 3 Coordinates: X: 3674.70000 (3674) // C : 229 (10) Y: 20.000 (feet pos, 21.620 eye pos) z: 2482.06836 (2482) // c : 155 (2) F: 3 (east) / -94.787445Description of Issue: I was building Tier 2 Rockets to sell, and I didn't notice that the first one I built which is in my ME system now, is the only one in my bag. The last two I built had disappeared out of my bag, I watched the 2nd one that disappeared as it vanished. so I thought my character was glitched so I disconnected and reconnected to the server and the items were still gone. So I built a 4th Rocket after I put the only one in my bag into my ME. I put the 4th Rocket in the same spot the one in my ME was in, and it still disappeared. I lost a total of 3 Tier 2 rockets with 54 storage to this server or mod glitch. Please help. Screenshots (Optional): https://www.dropbox.com/s/upzlzgduvgsxan9/2019_05_20_03_27_13_Minecraft_1.6.4.png?dl=0
  12. I was not sure weather to post here or Server Problem's! Everytime I right click a Tier I or Tier II rocket to goto space, moon or mars it kicks me out of that game out to the Tekkit Launcher. When I log in again i'm in the rocket but the "f" key does not work for me inside the rocket. but I can take off. But I am glitched and can't see out the window correctly. I have reinstalled mod's several times to try and get rid of this problem. I hope you can help.
  13. From: Maverickgoth server: Tekkit Reason: I would like to give Yog Lab's back to its builder Swimsam1, so please unclaim all of maverickgoth's chunks EAST of this line and SaberLabs = Swimsam1 would appreciate it if you would claim the area inside his claim circle once its unclaimed. here is the gps starting +4023.19, +2441.86, 112.73 (111). Everything to the North East, East and South East of Maverickgoth can be unclaimed. Please and thank you. The area inside of "SaberLabs" claimed blocks needs to be claimed for SaberLabs. Please and thank you! I tried to send picture file size too large. sorry.
  14. Tekkit MaverickGoth Missing claim allotment. I believe an entire claim kit has been removed from my account during a Crash or Rollback. I have a problem with my claim allotment. I've purchased several claim kit's 2 or 3 or more plus i purchased Sponsor+ and I have 3 of my children in my town. Zombie_Lord, Sparklz07 and DeathHunter. My claim allotment should be in the 1400's and when I try to claim it says i have none left and when I type /town it says I have 1385 chunks claimed of 1312 available. Could someone please take a look at this issue and fix the problem. Thank You!
  15. No it didn't clear up anything, I still have over $6000 ingame cash gone out of my account closer to $10000 and a bunch of items in my mail box that I did not purchase. Explain to me how this is going to work? everything that was purchased because of this glitch does not have a price tag on it, but everything I had for sale does. an there is allot more than 3 or 4 items and I know for a fact those 16M memory cards were going for $1000 each. I want my money back and this stuff out of my inventory. As far as DON'T use the filter buttons anymore, no problem I won't but that doesn't fix this problem.
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