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  1. Account Name: MachoPiggiesRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: /speed (essentials.speed, essentials.speed.fly, essentials.speed.walk)Reason for Request*: Using Minecraft 1.6.4's godawful flight and movement speed when trying to build a base hurts me on the inside. I want to move from point A to B quicker.
  2. My town called [xenon] has an owner (eletearceus) who is coming on to being off for a month and I don't want to lose the town. Can you transfer ownership to me?
  3. Your Name: MachoPiggiesCoordiantes: 546.75, -1554.38, 17.62 (16)Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): 14:30 GMTDescription of Issue: I was fighting a zombie with a wooden axe which i forgot was connected to world edit, not thinking the region changed, my finger slipped and I accidentally generated over 132000 ender chests which crashed the server, now I'm lagging too much to undo itScreenshots (Optional):
  4. Your Name: MachoPiggiesCoordiantes: I don't know, if I try the server crasbesTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): yesterdayDescription of Issue: My friend gave me a load of fulmation generators and electromagnets and so far thats all that I changed apart from making piston doors. Whenever I /home to my base, the entire server crashes.Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Account Name: MachoPiggiesRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: All of world edit that I'm allowedReason for Request*: I wanna build a large scale under ground base probably 25x25 chunks
  6. Your Name: MachoPiggiesItem Name + Amount: 4 ME Export Bus + 12 ME Import BusCoordinates: X: 1364 Y: 23 Z: 163Description of Issue: The server did this weird crash thing about 10 mins ago, and I must've put my busses in my ME whilst it was crashing, because they're no longer in my inventory or ME and it's the only 2 storages I have. I lost some other stuff too but it was just a little bit of wood etc. that can be replaced.Screenshots (Optional): I can't. ;-;
  7. Your Name: MachoPiggiesItem Name + Amount: About 9 stacks of oak saplingsCoordinates: X: 1343 Y: 62 Z: 62Description of Issue: I put all the stacks of saplings in my planter, went back a minute later, they were all gone and 2 trees were planted.Screenshots (Optional):
  8. Your Name: MachoPiggiesItem Name + Amount: 2 stacks of iron (I think) 1 stack of gold full diamond armour and sword Resonant energy cell stack of nether and certus quartz 4 iron blocks 3 ME precision import busses about 3 stacks of ME cable buildcraft wrench Coordinates: X: 4412 - Y: 81 - Z: 6061Description of Issue: I came back after a restart, and fell a small amount of blocks which killed me, when I went back to my death location, I couldn't pick up my items because I died in someones claim.Screenshots (Optional): http://prntscr.com/lvrdr3
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