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  1. Your Name: bottleofsyrupClaim Leaders Name: #1: duskassassin #2: Wulfshield #3 & #4: Juiko_Phang Coordinates of claim: #1: X: -2707, Y: 66, Z: 1725 #2: X: -2701, Y: 66, Z: 1770 #3: X: -2659, Y: 66, Z: 1784 #4: X: -2644, Y: 130, Z: 1911 Claim members: #1: (none) #2: Juiko_Phang #3 & #4: Wulfshield Reason for request: These people have a massive area claimed and about half of it is over the half of a village they destroyed. I would like to rebuild it and the surrounding area. Special request: No new blocks added to the area, please, since I'm just going to be rebuilding the terrain anyway and excavating the old stuff back. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): #1: #2: #3 & #4:
  2. Your Name: bottleofsyrupCoordinates: X: -266, Y: 65, Z: 61 (roughly where I had it last)Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 10:03am CST GMT-6, 17 January, 2020Description of Issue: Was testing something in creative in the Lost Cities for another player to determine cause of lag, and for whatever reason one of my Advanced Dislocators just vanished from my inventory. It's probably my most important one too as it has a lot of important points on the map I need to reach currently.Screenshots (Optional): What it looked like around that timestamp.
  3. Unfortunately I don't have the resources to make one and nobody in-game responded last time I asked.
  4. Your Name: bottleofsyrupIsland Owner Name: bottleofsyrupCoordinates: X: -15105, Y: 71, Z: 20215 They're the effect blocks from Building Gadgets. Sort of all over the place in and around those coords after I used the Undo feature.
  5. Your Name: bottleofsyrupClaim Leaders Name: agentshootemupCoordinates of claim: X: -4007, Y: 71, Z: -3948Claim members: T00NL1NK182, TrueChaoseaterReason for request: There was a whole village here before...He completely flattened it into an ugly square. I wouldn't have even known there was a village if it weren't for the one farm left and the 1/5th of a farm shack left. Just...why.Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  6. Item: Singularity (the main one, NOT the quantum entangled one as it bugs out in the shop)Price ($ for amount): 800Reason for addition: They take quite a long time to make, as you need 256k blocks in the matter condenser to even make it. This is an item that's in the spawn shop of some of the other servers for convenience.
  7. Unfortunately, unless the developers of Monk mod patch it, buying it is the only way to advance to the final levels.
  8. Your Name: bottleofsyrupClaim Leaders Name: fredricfennecCoordinates of claims: 1st: X: -1576, Y: 195, Z: 2138; 2nd: X: -1592, Y: 196, Z: 2131Claim members: n/aReason for request: To be able to expand, I have to move to this side of my alps, but these two claims prevent me from doing so entirely.Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): /seen no longer works properly, so here's the /claiminfo.
  9. Your Name: bottleofsyrupCave Owner Name: bottleofsyrupCoordinates: X: 9984, Y: 100, Z: 17663Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 1:37pm CST GMT-6, 1st January, 2020Description of Issue: I'm new to the whole Chance Cube thing, and was told that they wouldn't bypass protection, but they did and destroyed most of my base by replacing it with Cursed Earth and iron spikes. Also lost my Draconium chest because of that which had most of my belongings in it. Stopped playing the pack for now because of this. ?Screenshots (Optional):
  10. From the screenshots, there's no evidence of any actual rule breakage, so no action will be taken against Militahobo. If anything happens again, don't hesitate to reach out to one of us on Discord, but please provide solid proof of what you're reporting. T/C
  11. Your Name: bottleofsyrupCoordinates: X: 1855, Y: 76, Z: 4553 (last known location I still had the chest)Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 12:52am CST GMT-6, 22 December 2019Description of Issue: Sometime between 12:52am CST that day and 7:43pm CST my Draconium Chest disappeared from my inventory. I vaguely remember it being especially laggy that day and it likely got deleted by the server when I went to pick it up. I only noticed now that it's gone but managed to get a specific time-frame via screenshots.Screenshots (Optional): Last screenshot I have of it in my inventory.
  12. Account Name: bottleofsyrupRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: World Edit, /timeReason for Request*: World Edit for larger edits to my base without moving all my items, and /time to change the time of day (if the players online agree with it). I probably wouldn't use it much except to aid people with their Monk endeavors (as it is a buggy mod) and if there's Cursed Earth found at night.
  13. Your Name: bottleofsyrupClaim Leaders Name: minecraftmisseCoordinates of claim: X: 2022, Y: 66, Z: -4297Claim members: n/aReason for request: Practically touching my claim and is a huge eye-sore on my otherwise pristine forests.Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
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