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  1. Your Name: xMeRkItem Name + Amount: Draconic Reactor CoreCoordinates (format x, y, z): -1400, 6, -4138Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: /Description of Issue: I was building a Draconic Reactor, following the guides here on the forums and on the FTB wiki. It went catastrophically wrong as soon as I turned it on If it is possible, would I be able to just get the base materials back in place of the Core and its related items? I have left the associated items (stabilizers and energy injector) at the explosion site, the coordinates above. It took ages to make all the parts but I didn't realise it would be quite so dangerous so don't want to set one up again. The wiki ( https://ftb.gamepedia.com/Draconic_Evolution_Reactor_Guide ) says the base materials for the core+stabilizers+energy injector are: 5x Chaos Shard 81x Nether Star 16x Redstone Block 24x Iron Ingot 1880x Draconium Ingot 400x Diamond 1456x Gold Ingot 172x Awakened Draconium I understand it's my own fault but it was a lot of work vaporised in seconds, so if at all possible could I just get the Chaos Shards and draconium back? Thanks for looking into this
  2. I didn't receive 2 votes rewards today as the server did its half hourly restart while I was voting. When I came on again I had 12 keys instead of 20 and $600 so 3 of the 5 counted
  3. I need a staff member to inspect the block placement history of part of my quantum quarry - 2 parts of it are now obsidian blocks. No staff responding to helpop or direct message in game so I'm asking here. Thanks *reposting in correct technical support section* EDIT - owfbas explained to me why this happened in game. It was due to lag prevention and it happened to others as well. Thanks
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