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  1. Wrong area T/C ~D34D
  2. 4 days and no contact? Its now 2 that I need back now, is there a specific way I need to break the block to get the balance updated?
  3. Hi there When someone gets a chance are they able to remove a peice of bedrock that spawned in my base X:3968, Z:-2993, Y:56 Cheers
  4. Hi there, I broke one of my Chunk Loaders and it didnt update the balance, i have a max of 10 with 9 in use cheers
  5. MC Eternal server is in a constant restart loop, constantly restarts like every 10 minutes and lags really bad
  6. Your Name: egypt1123 Coordinates: Time: GMT+12 22:24:22 10-26-2020 Description of Issue: My last post hasn't had any responses for over 2 days now so I'm doing another post.... really need my stuff back, also why isn't the grave mod enabled on this server? Would fix so many problems with rollbacks /rtp put me into the ice dragons nest and one hit me I had the max upgraded flux bore, flux saw, flux magnet, flux bauble, dark chest plate and the ender sword all with empowered 3, creative watering can and fluxsaw which i won through mystic crate, think i had some mo
  7. Hi there Sorry for the nagging but have the items been rolled back yet Cheers guys
  8. Yep the time stamp i gave was the time of death, I had the max upgraded flux bore, flux saw, flux magnet, flux bauble, dark chest plate and the ender sword all with empowered 3, think i had some more items but those are the most important
  9. Hi, where exactly did my items go to? Nothings in my inventory and can't seem to find any chests or anything in my base
  10. Hi there /rtp teleported me right into the nest of the ice dragon and I managed to get some of my stuff back but not all of it Time stamp is 22:24:22 10-26-2020
  11. Hi there I'm having trouble with the chunkloaders as I should be able to set 4 of them but am only able to set 2, also they sometimes won't unload and update the balance when broken, is there any specific way to break them? Thanks heaps
  12. Your Name: Egypt1123 Coordinates: Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 2330 gmt=12 New Zealand Description of Issue: i lagged out and ended up swimming in lava and lost everything in my inventory, if its possible to get it back i would appreciate that, i only just added 3x enchants on my fluxdrill Screenshots (Optional):
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