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  1. [1] In-Game Username: FGpro_Zed_PvP [2] Details of Situation: They took the gm from me [3] Ban Category: ''2'' No intentional harm to Server Integrity [4] Ban Duration: Without gm 1 month [5] Staff Member: N3co_ [6] ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/xKME9SB [7] Your Reason: N3co took off the gm for 1 month for breaking the integrity of the server, when my sanction shoul be 1 ban day Links of rules (rule 6) Screenshot of rule 6 https://imgur.com/a/EFnIsWG CONCLUSION: They shouldn't have taken my gm from me and banned me for 1 day. This happened 1 week ago, so they should give me back the gm Link of My ban list: https://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/history.php?uuid=f4c1777b-3ca9-4f10-848c-bc545df54445&from=bans Some interesting facts: My gm was removed 1 month for having lagged the server 1 time, when in the rules it says that the 1st time in warn and the 2nd is ban.
  2. What I think is that in Pure Survival there should be no creative, but rather create another that is an open-world creative, and that those who have rank as Sponsor or Premium + have the world edit to make constructions. In addition to that there should be more control on the server.
  3. Account Name: FGpro_Zed_PvP Rank:Sponsor Requested Commands: World edit in Pure survival Reason for Request World edit to make better constructions also to be able to build much faster and do more things.
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