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How It Came That I Wont Love Games With Pvp


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i joined a contest on a minecraft server (while i was still cracked) 
it was that who won the survival games gets a staff rank on that server 
i joined in and i was in the top 3 yeah...
but then the server crashes...
so after the server has been restarted me and the other 2 contiue to decide who win
I killed all of them and yet won the games
But after the games Not me but a other Guy gets it who i already killed
and bullying me of that i just lost?
nope i did not and that guy was fighting a uphill battle with me telling all the time i won instant of him
then the owner comes in and ban's me for "Asking for rank...swearing and not listing to them"
even trough i was the winner...

yet on a other game (TF2) i was with my team on the uper-hand of winning the game with my friend 
but then after we won the game i got kicked by the VAC for no reason...just to open a spot on the server i was on
and after multiple time trying to join i immediately got kicked back out causs of "a issue with your computer is blocking the VAC"
and this happends to me alot

someone remember this?



this is so true
i tryed to report a cheater...and then the staff of it Deleted my forum account, Mute me so i cant report and made it unable to play against other players only for me

i love this game called robocraft by the fact you can build and test it out against other players
but i really dislike it when some noobs decide to hack the game 
for exemple
Never-miss any shot you do...even if the other robot dodged it

what smg's lack in giving DMG to the other robot makes it up in rapid-fire...
but some noobs...
just hack the Dmg it deals to others and making it that one shot can kill a tank and a mega-bot in one hit...

i got the tower and no robot of the red team is near...the moment i move away form it 
its already under attack by 3 robots of the red team
and this also always have someone who just need to Point at the tower BAM Gone
or that the red team in whole is attacking our base while we are just a second away form it

No-dmg hack
This is So annoying and even not fair at all
The robot who used it cant get dmged by anything at all

on everything i am NOT A staff member with the meaning of getting as far as you get or be the last one standing 
i will be usely the one who cant have a fair fight at all causs i have been set on fire by notthing...i got tped somewhere esle during the fight meaning quitting...getting the wither effect or the poison effect...and just one shot killes me even with Full Diamond armor

But what do you expect form a guy who is like a magnet for all bugs,glitches,cheats,and hacks?
srly this is how i feel...about it...

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