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Dont Play Yu-Gi-Oh The Dawn Of A New Era


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if you can listing i got banned form this game for...Reporting a cheater?
yes this game has corupt staff banning harmless players and protecting the cheaters
i just only got the game a day and now they banned me and my computer for no reason
causs i sayed someone is cheating and that i think the punishment wasnt fair at all

Such jerks...such noobs...
really those guys cant have a fair player

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They r just doing this 4 the lulz :) xD

i am just trying to play that game without getting cheaters...it does have cheaters at all and i got banned for trying to report those to the staff online


now i am trying to get others so they dont play this game anymore causs of corupt staff(?) in that game

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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