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Replace Tntrun?

ItsIsma29R || Official

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Hello everyone!

Open this suggestion to discuss something.


So and seen on the issue of the minigames is to fill up very fast but one ... That one is the TNTRun a minigame in which e seen more and more users users hardly come ...



There are many mini-games spread both Bukkit and Spigot and would be a good idea to replace the minigame on the other.

One of the minigames that attracts a lot of people is the light that launched one of the biggest servers.

The minigame called "EggWars" known as a former gameplay "BedWars" which apparently are the same minigames only thing that changes is the subject of the destruction of each item of equipment. In BedWars a bed as the name suggests and the EggWars a dragon egg is destroyed.


I commented that this is just an idea or rather a suggestion to increase the diversion on the server.


The plugins that are used to mount the minigame "EggWars" are the same as in BedWars.


Plugin FREE:





Postscript: It is an idea or suggestion is not an obligation.

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