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Legal Mods For Pvp?

ItsIsma29R || Official

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Hi guys!


Open this little post, for which questions are legal mods for pvp. I do not mean those mods that change the retail price of a user or player. I refer to the following to install me a few hours ago.

These are the mods I installed me but does not change anything when being in pvp, it's just a way to have the information at hand, it is not if you understand me :/


This is what brings me to install mods. If they are illegal, I will not have problem is to remove them.


- Info Armor: https://gyazo.com/23c74c57d83022f61cc7cd5894aeed7b

- Minimap: https://gyazo.com/edff030fecf6165b7fabaf0115c7205f

- Info Pots: https://gyazo.com/f48fa2030f5d6142c625a6c55730aa20


If any of them is illegal, please let me know to remove it. I will not have any problems and I take my concerns.





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I don't agree the Minimap mod on AC v1 server. You can just put a waypoint in a chest with good loot and in the next day, you can go to that chest and get the loot with no trouble in finding the chest.


But this is my opinion, let's see what the other staff members say.

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Hi, on Ac if you play it for a long time you don't even need the minimap as you will know where is the good loot.


We are not against helpful mods, we are only against mods / clients that have hacks and cheats. So enjoy using them.

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