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The Evidence That The Account Is Mine Carloz


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No offense, but you're a bit too chill for a guy who's struggling to keep his account, and even his sponsor rank for which he payed. If it was me, I'd be like 'OMG dude it's my goddamn account what other proof do you want me to give you???'. Anyways, you got the point. Yet if you somehow prove the ownership of that account, you have my sincere apologies. Good luck!

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First of all hello mojo, you donot who would say that xD

Anyway the point is that I consider the purchase (carloz)

I'm not hack -.-

Well I came asking me the rank sponsor transferred to my other account PREMIUM (RekonTheBear)

The problem is that apparently no one listens to me

Even giving evidence that the account is mine!

If you could do anything you appreciate


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Personal opinion, but since I have never seen your name before, and I know carloz pretty well ,who is iiMasterLoL_, I believe that you have hacked his account and is trying to make us believe that you are the real owner. However, I have no evidence of this and do not know the full details of the whole situation, but I am just putting out my opinion on this.

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