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My Account Got Hacked And Items Are Gone.


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Hello CraftersLand Support, i want to request items that have been stolen from my acc.


Idon`t know how it happened.


I logged out yesterday (18.02.2016) to goin my bed and woke up the other day.

Then i logged back in to play some more but my items where gone.

I checkt in my enderchest to lokk if i had simply just playced them in there.

but they where gone and with them 39 gold all of my diamond gear, my diamond sword, bow,

hiddenblade, and even more.

i asked a friend to help me (he did help me alot) and i wrote this.


 I hope you will trust me...


if so thanks for the help.




 (i don`t know how to attach files ;appenrently they are to big, pls send me how to i will put them in another text)

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  • Manager

Hello there, Carma1. This is Jimmel.


I'd like to state that what Carma is talking about took place on Assassin's Craft v1. As a matter of fact, I can confirm what he's claiming to have happened. I was actually with Carma last night on Ac v1. At the time, he was indeed rocking some enchanted diamond armor, as well as using a diamond sword.


In the screenshots he will be providing shortly, it's apparent that Carma did have a diamond sword, bow, as well as a hiddenblade in his possession. Like I said, he also had a full set of diamond armor when I saw him last night, which can be confirmed by looking at said screenshots as well. No enchantments that were on that armor can be seen in any of the screenshots, although you can clearly see that he was indeed using a full set of diamond armor.


Carma1, please upload all screenshots you have available on imgur.com and then post the address link on this topic. That includes all of the screenshots that you showed me, as well as a screenshot of your current in-game stats. More importantly, however, be sure to change your password on the Network as soon as possible, in case you haven't already. You can do this by running /changepassword (old) (new) while you're in the lobby.


Additionally, please list all of the enchantments that were on your items, so the staff can review it and make a decision based on that.

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Here is the likt to the screenshots: http://carma123.imgur.com/all/ there is also the prove that the diamond gear is enchanted.


Helmet: Protection 4, Reseraption 2, Unbreaking 3.


Chestplate: Protection 4, Unbreaking 3.


Leggings: Protection 4, Unbreaking 3.


Boots: Protection 4, Unbreaking 3, Fetherfalling max.


Bow: everything max.


Sword: everything max. 


The Hiddenblade was best. (i boght it for 43 Gold)

I don`t care about the 39 gold i just want the stuff back.

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  • Manager

Oh wow, it's been a while now hasn't it. Thought you had your stuff refunded already. Hopefully we can get this done at last with the help of a GM+, after all the evidence is solid and I recall you were pretty much good for a refund. 

IGN's still Carma1?

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