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Consider Of Server Modpack Change



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  1. 1. Would you like to play FTB Infinity Expert Skyblock, instead of Skyfacotry 2?

    • Yes, i want new FTB
    • No, i like old Skyfacotyr 2

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Direwolf20 started new series of Skyblock survival.


It`s a mix of FTB Infinity Expert, and... any other skyblock modpack.

Basically same mods as FTB Inf. Exp., but also added ExNichilo, and ExAstris (Like in Skyfactory) for gathering resources.



I wounder, how much people would like to play this modpack instead of Skyfactory 2


FTB Infinity is hard as hell, but it`s updated to latest mods, and it`s possibly much more fun to play, because of additional mods and not that easy gameplay.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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