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When Next Tekkit Wipe?


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A Tekkit server wipe is only needed in the context of there's a lot of duplicated materials. 


Resetting everything wouldn't exactly be adding anything new, which is what a lot of players I've talked to really want. 


It is understood that the administration that modifies, manages and controls the files are probably extremely busy with the many other servers that CraftersLand has, but it would be a good idea to update some of the mods to attract new players and bring back older players.

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Larry the issue is if we update any of the mods server-side, players have to manually update them on their clients. We can potentially update some server plugins, but we can't modify the game itself. This was part of the reason for opening the new World Automation server, so we have control over the modding process and can add and remove things as we wish.

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I know that rmtworks, I'm just stating :P


It's just that nothing new doesn't provide any reason to reset everything


Well other than world age, but people don't want to lose all their stuff. So honestly it's better to keep everything that's currently set up.

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