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[Suggestion/idea] Future Change Skywars

ItsIsma29R || Official

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I was looking and thinking much about 3 servers SkyWars that are currently on the server. And a small idea occurred to me to encourage to more users to come and play them.








My idea is as follows ->


S1 - Leave the S1 server as a simple SkyWars


S2 - Place a luckyblocks plugin and make that server style LuckyBlocks how many servers they have. It would be the same modality skywars, but with LuckyBlocks and Chest (Basic, Normal, OP)


*LuckyBlocks plugin: Click here

Only we should edit the world and put 2 sponges (luckyblocks) on each island for each map


S3 - Leave the S3 server as a simple SkyWars


Some will not think the same thing myself, but for my would be a good idea for entertainment ^^



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