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  1. 1. Should special tp command be added?

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Now look i would LOVE it if sponsors could to Tp TO players not tp them to the guy.

Specificly i mean you could tp to people who are not a member of staffand you cant tp to staff or people who have a command on where you cant tp to them. Also you would not be able to tp people to you because you could abuse that soooo bad.

Just a random request that i would love

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I know aww but it would be soo useful


A user recently asked that same command.. If all users sponsor have access to that command, there would be many complaints about it: 


- Sponsor teleports without notice..

- TpKill (not everyone would do it, but yes)

- Annoy users/players

- Etc..


Do u think it would be good idea?

A greeting!


PS: this is my opinion

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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