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Can I Play Skyfactory On 32Bit

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Hey guys.This week i'm sending my laptop(64 bit) for monthly maintenance.Since I have 2laptops


32 bit,64 bit respectively.My other laptop is




Intel Core i3


2.0 GB RAM 




Windows 7


Java 7 JRE71


500 GB Disk Space.


So I was wondering if I can play skyfactory 2.4 on the server on this laptop I tried but it keeps stopping at CoFh core.Many of my island mates have 32bit and they play on the server.And Bacon_Donut said after skyfactory 2.5 the pack will become 64 Bit


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It will be painfull...

I guess so far it is possible to play on x32, later versions of launcher will require x64.


Also, you got 2 Gb RAM, it`s not enough for a comfortable gameplay, because your Windows system will consume some RAM, and other programs will. And 2GB is kinda minimal for stable SF2 work. I guess you will freeze a lot when start run out of RAM. And crash a lot, same reason.


In your situation i guess RAM is reason for game to stop loading.

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step 1 install an x64 linux distro, they take up less system resources to run.

step 2 install everything you need to run skyfac including skyfac itself.

step 3 profit from lower ram and cpu usage from the system and see if it will run.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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