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Hey there. ^_^


It would appear that one of the forum's applications (Calendar) was recently removed, or hidden from public view. However, that resulted in the Shoutbox navigation bar shortcut being pushed to the left, making its way onto the main nav bar view. As a lot of our members have already pointed out, said tab can be a little annoying to look at, as there's constantly a little red notification displayed right next to it, indicating the amount of people currently using the Shoutbox.


Since there's no actual point in having that tab displayed there, I'd like to suggest that it's removed from the navigation bar completely, as no one ever uses it anyway. The Shoutbox application would continue to function just the same.


I've compiled a short screenshot guide on how to get that done. It's a pretty basic process I'm sure the Administration team is already familiar with; I just couldn't help it. 


--> http://imgur.com/a/kBXCF <--


Please consider doing so; it's really not that pleasant to the eye.

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