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Personal Lag (Kind Of)

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about 80% of the time when i get on the sky fac server my computer lags kind of. I can move my player fine but for about every 5-15 seconds the computer advances my computer goes forward 1 second. for the time of day in game i will be at like 14:30 while the server is actualy at like 23:51 then at 00:00 i will be at 14:40.

when i chat then others can see my chat fine but i cant see it until my computer catches up to the server time i sent it at. and half the time it catches up to the server in like 30 sec and i can play fine after that

any ideas on how to fix this?

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You may have a slow computer. Try lowering your render distance, and changing your visual quality options. Also try adding Optifine to your client, which will allow for finer visual options.

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