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Killer Joe Bug


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I guess it`s "Foreign players can`t kill mobs on other`s island" problem.

Killerjoe and Drac grinder possibly use "Fake player" to register damage. MFR grinder, and spikes use "Minecraft generic damage" for damaging mobs.

Minecraft Generic damage is allowed by plugin (It`s like lava damage, and fall damage), and "fake" or "real" players is not allowed to damage mobs on other`s island, tho in END or Nether this machines works fine. If you want to use weapon because of enchantments, try using Enchanted spikes (You can enchant spikes using Enchantment table, or books & anvil) You can enchant a stack of spikes at a same time.

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Brunyman, they never worked before, people complain about it a long time ago,but it wan`t fixed still.








This is list of Fake players by varoius mods, if Bruny will OP them, some machines probably will work.

[EioKillera]  For Killer Joe




You can find possible name of Draconic Evolution Fake player`s name



P.S. Fake player names are case sensitive!



Found this in mods codes

public boolean killNextEntity()
return false;
if(fakePlayer == null)
fakePlayer = FakePlayerFactory.get((WorldServer)field_145850_b, new GameProfile(UUID.randomUUID(), "[Draconic-Evolution]"));
killBox = AxisAlignedBB.func_72330_a(centreX - 4.5D, centreY - 4.5D, centreZ - 4.5D, centreX + 4.5D, centreY + 4.5D, centreZ + 4.5D);
killList = field_145850_b.func_72872_a(net/minecraft/entity/EntityLiving, killBox);
List xp = field_145850_b.func_72872_a(net/minecraft/entity/item/EntityXPOrb, killBox.func_72314_b(4D, 4D, 4D));
Iterator i$ = xp.iterator();

private static final UUID uuid;
private static final GameProfile DUMMY_PROFILE;

uuid = UUID.fromString("3baa66fa-a69a-11e4-89d3-123b93f75cba");
DUMMY_PROFILE = new GameProfile(uuid, "[EioKillera]");

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So i tested it.


On island KillerJoe not working, in End it work fine.

On island Drac Grinder not working, in End not working aswell (Long time ago it worked, now it doesn`t, but i didn`t test drac grinder for a long time, so it probably stop working after some uSkyblock update long time ago)


Bruny, you sure you typed name correctly? with bracers "[" and "]"?


Just sacrificed myself to KillerJoe



Obvoiusly can`t sacrifice myself to drac Grinder...

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Brunyman. I want to ask you, what plugin restrict PvP and PvE on server?


Player v Player

Player v Environment (Mobs)


It seems like KillerJoe CAN hit players in End and on Islands, so PvP is ON for him.

But it CAN`T hurt mobs, so PvE is OFF, at same time players CAN hurt mobs on theyr OWN islands, but CAN`T hurt on OTHER`S islands. Also player`s CAN`T hurt players in no-PvP zones (Spawn, and ANY islands), but CAN hurt is END and Nether, and PvP arena.


Please check PvP and PvE permissions for [EioKillera] and [Draconic-Evolution] players.


Also, i typed /whois [EioKillera] and didn`t find that player, same for [Draconic-Evolution]. Did you register "players" correctly?

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