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Some Bugs On Server


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1_ When alloy smelter smelts something, generete coal

2_ Moo fluid doesn't work with auto-spawner, i tried with chickens and works propreply

3_ i can craft a superior lootbag (4 common for 1 uncoomin). I can only if i create auc and cancel it...


Sorry for my english :P

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1) I didn`t get about alloy smelter... how does it generate coal?


2) Fluid cows probably was blacklisted in autospawner due to exploit, it`s not server problem, it`s more modpack developer`s decision.


3) If you opened loot bag, you can`t craft it to next tier bag, you need unopened loot bags for craft. If you auction lootbag, it regenerates it`s NBT data (aka "you get New bag")

If you gona auction lootbags all the time, some staff member will punish you for exploiting.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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