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Skyfactory 2.5 Rank Removed


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I recently changed my name from LiquifiedXBL to ImExplicity on minecraft and due to this I have lost my rank and all my purchases I'm not 100% sure what I had all I know is that I have made 3 different payments and can supply the purchase receipts if needs be I hope this can be resolved pretty soon as I dont want to go to long without having the stuff I bought. If you want me to supply the details on my purchase for proof just ask :D





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If you change name, all your ranks, your island, and items left at you old name. You need to make post about rank transfer.

If you want to keep island, you should ask island owner to add you again.

If you was the island owner, you should transfer island to your new name. For that you need to join your old island with new name (You should start two games at same time, with diffrent names), and as island owner (old one) write "/is makeleader (name)" to transfer island to new name.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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