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Open Computers Vs Computer Craft


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I noticed that a lot of peripheral support has been given to OpenComputers.

Meaning many mods are offering support for that mod instead of ComputerCraft.

OpenComputers allows for custom built PC's and is for the advanced programmers.

ComputerCraft allows for easy to program standard PC's and is for okay programmers.


The issue is that, CC uses Lua 5.1 while OC uses Lua 5.2 (there is a bit of a difference).

Now somethings such as peripherals are renamed as component with more additions.


In OpenComputers you need to have the pieces to build a PC, Ram, Storage, Etc.

However you also require an EEPROM, which can also be custom built for the PC.

What I was wondering was instead of using the OC Lua BIOS EEPROM, use CC's.

Meaning, use a EEPROM that has CC's version of Lua and a dictionary translator.

So when i tell it to do "Peripheral" it knows that is a synonym for "Component".


Hey_Joe and I are working together on getting one done, and Im also looking for one.

I mean, ComputerCraft is kind of old, and OpenComputers adds a lot more to utilize.

With that, if we can get CC's Lua working on OC, then there is no additional effort needed.

Thus people don't have to worry about porting their code or having to build to CC's delays.


Basically I am looking for reverse compatibility in OC, where it can run OC/CC.

Or for that matter, simply run CC Lua on the OC, similar to bootstrap on a mac.


~If anyone has a custom EEPROM could I please have it?

~If anyone is interested in helping, please post here as this requires effort.

~So far Hey_Joe and Myself will be working on it and more people = less work.


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I think the HTTP eeprom I have could possibly be modified into something like this. You could just bite the bullet and go for C++ :D Let me wrap my brain around it and think about it. Almost done moving, should have the rig set back up here tomorrow morning or tonight. 

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