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[Yosefshaked] How I Joined Craftersland


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Well, It was on 4th grade (or 5th can't remember :P), I was going with my friends to the computers room at school all the time. One day my friend told me and my friend about a game called Minecraft, he told us that he bought the game and that it's super fun, me and my friend went to the computers room to check the website and we found something called Demo (We didn't understand English well back then haha), I told my friend we should check what Demo is and we found out that Demo is to test the game.

Me and my friends always played in the Demo because I didn't have a way to buy Minecraft back then and didn't know a thing about cracked Minecraft.

We were playing Demo for about a year and I thought to myself that it pretty sucks that I need to restart my world all the time, I went to the web and searched for "Free Minecraft" or "מיינקראפט בחינם" in my language :D.

I downloaded it and it told me to pick a username, I picked one and started to play (not the current username haha).

After that day I asked my brother if I can to download Minecraft on his computer but he refused because he thought that Minecraft was full with viruses so I had to download it on my father's computer. (my parents are devorced so...).

I played in my father's computer all the time, luckily for me he wasn't one of those that spend their life in the computer like me so I had the computer free to play :D.

I downloaded Minecraft and saw that it goes very very slow, so I looked for online for "Minecraft server no lags" and in that way I found the map SkyBlock.

Since then I played SkyBlock for more then 1 year. After that year I thought to myself that SkyBlock started to be VERY BORING so I looked for "SkyBlock with mods" on that way I found the modpack Sky Factory.

After I installed Sky Factory I looked for a server and found a server called Craftersland, after I played about 2 months I found a staff member called Danielkinz that surpisly was from my country, about a week after I met him I didn't see him very online, that was the time I found rocksmasher99 and that is when our friendship started, Rock was the guy that I was inspired from, some players started to be rude to me and I didn't know what to do, I left the server for about a week and then they stopped being annoying, about a month after that I wanted to help the server I love so I bought myself Premium+ and started to apply to be a staff member, about a year after I bought Premium+ I decided to buy Sponsor, I think 3 or 4 months after that I got accepted to be a staff.

And here we are today, my dream came true and I became a staff member.


I hope you liked my story and hope I'll see you all in our Sky Factory 2.5 Server :D

Thanks for reading - Yosefshaked Sky Factory Admin.

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