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Pink slime fluid spawn slimes, each block = 1 slime. Sometimes huge fluid ords spawn 30k slimes at same time.  This kills server`s tps, and till it overflow and crash no one can join. Usually it take about 5-15 minutes to server for restart. Tho no crash reports... just restart because entity overflow.

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To create a dimestion you use items called Dimlets. There is variety of dimlets (a lot of them), each givin special treat to dimension you creating. (For example you can make dimension full of diamond blocks, if you got diam block dimlet)

So, disabling (baning) that dimlet you will lower (or remove) chance of creating dimension with that specific block/fluid.


Tho, banning dimlet itself possibly will not lower chance of random dimension with that slime fluid.

Check here how to blacklist specific dimlet


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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