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Better Chatting


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So we only have local, global, and msg to talk to other players, so either we talk to everyone, people around us, or one person at a time...


none of those work in some situations! I go mining with new players sometimes in survival mode out of boredom, so theres like 4 people mining with me, so messaging them all isn't comfortable because I would have to message them multiple times, and global chat is just... yeah we dont want to use that, then theres local which works well at some points but what if we want to split up to explore a cave, none of us are together and I gotta message 4 different people                      Ewww


Now... I know there are plugins out there that can do this because of seen it, like mcmmo can do it, I think even our plugin can do it if u allow us to create different channels, but what if we could create a party of specific people, an example being my 4 mining buddies... and have a private messaging thing for it


Dont hate on me if you dont like it, its just a suggestion

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Yeah something like /ch any name makes a new channel. I haven't learned how to make an overlay with those other programs that works in the same window as mine craft easily like changing to /ch l. On the other hand, it would break immersion a bit to have more invisible communication like msg and voip is now.

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Is there any plugins that go


There's something called discord,skype,teamspeak,mumble tho.

Some people like myself dont have good computers or internet so opening up any of those programs completely disallow me/us from playing the game


There are no extra permissions for MyTown 1

 Is it possible to get a plugin that allows us to talk in groups and allow staff to still see it

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well there is a mod. idk if its client sided or server based. i dint test it out jet but i think it make a speacial tab if you msg sombody.

i think i will test it out when my minecraft is up and running agen




oo just read somthing.


TabbyChat is a client-side mod for Minecraft that aims to make the multiplayer chat interface more organized, managable, and user-friendly. It can be installed (or loaded) into the Minecraft client by patching minecraft.jar or loaded at runtime via several different supported APIs.


if sombody can test it out it woud be cool to





Soon i will releas a modpack that is totaly the same as tekkit, the inprovements i made is the minimap, dual hotbar, better pvp mod, and i think i add the tabby chat to. im still looking to inprove som mods for the time being. at the end this modpack will inprove your tekkit explains with a massive amount


mods it contain for now:


ignore the fact that its linux


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