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[Space Factions] Custom Enchants


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Since there are no information about the Custom enchants plugin you are using. I was thinking I should do some tests myself. And what I found out scares me.


One of the enchants is Harming as you probably know.

So I've tested the harming VI + Sharp V.

Environment: I had full Prot IV + 3 custom enchants on each piece. + Resistance I.

Sharp V without Harming Proc = half a heart damage dealt

Sharp V with Harming Proc = One shot. Just kill.


I mean are you serious guys? The pvp is no longer a skilled battle it is: Who can get first Harming Proc. It's all RNG and who gets the first hit. 

This is not a healty gameplay.


I am pretty sure this plugin is custom made for CraftersLand. 

You guys should fix it or change it. After what I've learnt I will never go PVP again since I know any scrub with no armor can one shot me by luck with a good sword.




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Now it obviously depends on how much time do you want to spend on fixing it.


Easy fix: Just tune down the damage. I think if it takes like 2 hearts with full prot IV armor would be pretty balanced.

Would be nice:

 - Armor should matter. I think you shouldn't put 2 hearts true damage but rather 2 hearts at full prot. IV (which believe me it's a lot of dmg) but if you don't have armor it should pretty much one shot you. (Ideally you would go through vanilla armor damage reduction)

 - Scale with how charges was the attack


Advantages: Should be pretty easy and it can be up and running pretty fast.

Disadvantages: It does not really bring anything to the gameplay besides extra damage. Also you don't implement scaling with the charge of the attack it will encourage spam clicking which is really not part of the game design of 1.10


Harder fix: You could build on the pvp system that's in 1.10. You could implement combos for hitting someone without getting hit back. If you would block the attack with your shield it doesn't break the combo and you can building up your combo. The bigger the combo the higher the damage. 

Nice to have:

 - Not fully charged attacks shouldn't add to the combo since we don't want to encourage spam clicking.

 - The combo shouldn't stack infinetly. There should be a cap to it.

 - It would be nice if the combo would work in 2 vs 1 too. Meaning that if you built up the combo it should stay up for like 3 seconds and then fade. This way you can have a combo built up from the first guy and really have an advantage against the second guy. Usually in 2 vs 1 you will lose your combo really fast anyway because it's impossible to attack and  block at the same time vs 2 guys.



- Builds on top of the PVP system of 1.10.

- It introduces new strategies like spam clicking just to break the combo them coming back to normal fighting.

- It creates an interesting perspective for Axe vs Sword meaning that you can keep your shield up as long as you have the axe on Cd and only attack when you are ready blocking everything else vs faster attack speed making missing the target less punishing but dealing less damage and being way harded to keep your shield up between attacks.



- It will take a long time until it's implemented which means the broken system will stay longer.

- It has a learning curve meaning you will need to make a wiki for it.

- New players will need to check the wiki out in order to understand how the custom enchants work and since a lot of our player base doesn't speak english we will need a spanish version as well.



These are just some ideas. You can take what you find usefull leave out the rest.

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Thanks for all the possitive feedback :D. But at the end of the day these are just suggestions. It's easy to make suggestion when you actually play on the server.

The real hard work is done by the developer. In which case I think he might be Bruny. So you know, if it's done thank him not me :).

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