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Various Fakeplayer Items/blocks Not Working Correctly?


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If there was/are reasons for this, then it should be posted.  
examples of this:

autonomous activators with weapons

killer joes

-can attack me (a player) but not mobs.

Extra Utilities Spikes.

-starting from iron, supposed to drop xp.


reply to this thread if you find more.


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There should be a server technician or something.. we can post this however on bukkit forums. bukkit breaks things.

No don't post on bukkit forums, we don't run vanilla servers so its not there responsibility. We actually don't even run bukkit. I believe we run Cauldron which is like bukkit but also forge compatible. Don't go posting on their forums either. 


Its also not bukkit thats breaking anything. Autonomous activators should not be working anyway as that's just how it is but killer joe should work and idk about spikes and xp. Also the real thing that is braking things here is either worldguard, the SkyBlock plugin or modpack config files. Please don't go aimlessly posting on other forums without even knowing what the problem is.

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