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Adlink And Daily Chest Rewards



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New feature, Daily Chest, is awesome idea, tho rewards it`s giving become useless after like 5 hours of gameplay, because you got much more resources generating automatically.


I`m suggesting to change rewards to something much more usefull.


Also, i`m suggesting to change AdLink rewards to something more reasonable.


AdLink rewards (with aprox chances, if that`s possible):


(high) 50$-100$

(high) 32 Coal

(high) 8 Iron ingots

(high) 8 Copper ingots

(high) 8 Tin ingots

(high) 8 Lead ingots

(high) 8 Ferrous ingots

(mid) 16 Redstone dust

(mid) 4 Silver ingots

(mid) 4 Gold ingos

(mid) 2 Shiny ingots

(mid) 4 Soulsand

(low) 8 Glowstone dust

(low) 4 Ender pearls

(low) 4 Energetic alloy

(low) 4 Vibrating alloy

(low) 4 Dark steel ingots

(low) 2 Enderium ingots

(low) 2 Unstable ingots

(low) 1 Nether star

(low) 2 Draconium ingots

(low) 2 Manylin ingots


Now about Daily chest rewards, it must be something usefull even lategame (List by my own experience)


1 Tesseract

4 Awakened draconium ingots

2 Zivicio blocks

1 Resonant machine frame

6 Wither skulls

8 Chance cubes    (People still like them)

1 Silverwood saplings

1 Greatwood saplings

1 Aura node   (Yes, it`s creative item, tho it`s not infinite, and more nodes is always better)


Make your suggestion list bellow.

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I think the daily chest will be too OP...

Well, maybe for starters it looks OP, but you can only vote once per day, and this rewards not THAT op as you think, because you can`t use thes straight away, only in more late game. And for "end gamers" this reward is usefull, but not OP at all. Tho they vote anyways, because free items is sweet.


The daily chest wont be too OP if you can only get 1 or 2 keys a day

Actually you get 1 key per vote, and 4 keys in Daily chest, it`s about 8-10 keys per day. (Depends how many votes actually pass)


But since you can progress quite fast in this modpack i can`t say any of this rewards would change your gameplay too much.

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