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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

I was putting tnt outside someone claim to scare them (but every knows tnt is disabled including me), and I never claim killed, but then DrCheeseTaco who banned me unfairly before, banned me for 6 days for claim killing and attempting to claim grief.

[3] Ban Category:

Claim killing and attempting to claim grief.

[4] Ban Duration:

7 days

[5] Staff Member


[6] ScreenShots:

I got some screenshots of me not attempting to claim grief, and not claim killing, but that falls under all of my screenshots so idk

[7] Your Reason:

I should not be banned as no rules were broken by me.  DrCheeseTaco banned me before for not having broken rules, and I don't want to be banned again for not breaking rules.  I mean I play the server to have fun, but DrCheeseTaco won't have it.


PS also, I didn't even have a lever or torch to ignite the tnt.


Here is the previous unban post:


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The fact of the matter is, the ban obviously wasn't based on attempting to claim kill and harassment. It's obviously based on the belief that Sky_Uniter killing new players and that's apparently hurting the server population.


As you can see in the rules: http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/11570-rules-tekkit

Harassment is not against the rules, and unless it was racist, derogatory or inciting hate, it's not of a large factor towards a first offense 7 day ban


As the ban is stated: http://condor1109.startdedicated.net/tekkitbans/index.php?action=viewplayer&player=Sky_Uniter&server=0

"attempting to claim greif and claim killing"

It was also stated in the Tekkit Staff Chat by DrCheeseTaco: "Always has been Larry no different then dumping lava or pyro by someone's claim," "Either way it's a 7day ban that is needed as it is hurting new players coming to the server," and "It is not to mention that he was placing tnt and geild cryo outside someone's base"


Gelid Cryotheum occupies 1 block and does not spread like other liquids. TNT is disabled and only creates noise, no damage. 


"attemping to claim greif"


Even if Sky_Uniter was claim killing, first offense, it would be a 2 day ban. 7 is too harsh and won't mitigate the logic behind the ban. A ban for 7 days is too long for doing absolutely nothing and should be removed.


Lets w8 for screenies

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Here are some pics that I hope prove my innocence:




Here is a picture of Slit but I couldn't attack him because the town is protected.




Here is Powerwarp I saw him at spawn




This is when I went to a mystcraft world but somehow Chunk went there too but I was invisible and he was revealing I was there.  I think it's unfair because I was completely invisible and he was using the /near command to see me.




This is from when KnightSpirit joined the game.  He joined Zack's town (Zach has a mall) and then he stole a bunch of stuff from him and left.




This is from when dumblore was in a OP mystcraft world mining with 25 quarries.  I got in there somehow and invited a bunch of noobs that didn't have anything to mine there.  Dumblore tried to change people to his side but he never revealed the secret world keeping it to himself.




Here is a picture of a scared noob.  He didn't have his stuff in a town so he was vulnerable.  I protected him from losing items and later on a refunded him some items he lost.




KnightSpirit's ME drives, for some reason he gave them to some noob.  They had about 3300 speed upgrades, so I guess that was probably from duping.  So I burned the discs.




This was dumblore's first base.  I very carefully made sure I was outside the claim borders if I ever tried to pvp.  He is with ZeeDerpMaster so i guess that is the admin that he stole all the items and creative cell from.




Ivo9 griefing the players at spawn throwing REP grenades.  I couldn't figure out how to upload before, but now that I can, might as well.




This is from when Brunyman came to the server and he did the Agent Smith move to KnightSpirit, duplicating himself.




This is a fountain and part of a huge spawn area me and my friend were planning on building before I was banned for the first time, then he quit playing the server.  Maybe I will continue it later now without him, but probably not.  His neighbor and town member quit too.  What a horrible change.




Here is DrCheeseTaco abusing his admin powers and helping a noob by throwing infinity healing potions on him.



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there is no innocents there and i can help people in the wild just like you can harass them


either way yesterday you were camping and harassing jaguar_master taunting him to come out of his town, shooting arrows at him from the sky and placing tnt outside his walls. tnt is disabled but the intent to grief is there and you were claim bypassing. I'm sick of your attitude on this server and you are causing nothing but trouble.









there are some images of you harassing a player inside a claim and attempting to greif. the 7 day ban is to give you a break and other players a break from your harassment

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@Sky_Uniter Those screenshots show things that could be put into the complaints section. I recommend you do so if you have further proof. 


@DrCheeseTaco Screenshots show Sky_Uniter at someone's base. He's not claim bypassing by walking into someone's town. 


"yesterday you were camping and (1)harassing jaguar_master taunting him to come out of his town, (2)shooting arrows at him from the sky and (3)placing tnt outside his walls. (4)tnt is disabled but the intent to grief is there and (5)you were claim bypassing."


1) Why would you come out of your town if you hear TNT outside of your base?

2) Yesterday, it was no arrows outside the base, now it is.

3) TNT causes no damage, just noise.

4) We've already been through 'intent to grief' isn't a valid ban reason, you even said so yourself. (http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/15519-ban-for-somthing-that-isnt-agens-the-rules/) As you said, in that post, "a ban in this case is extreme yes a threat is not cool, but is there actual proof that anything was greifed?You also mentioned in that very same post, that's it's 'just words' and it's not punishable unless there's 'proof'.

5) He's not claim bypassing by walking into someone's town. If someone doesn't set outsiders to not be able to enter, it's implied that the owner doesn't care whether they're in his/her base or not.


Nothing was griefed, nobody bypassed anyone's claim. In addition, a 7 day ban for absolutely nothing is pretty ridiculous and leaves a bad cloud above the Tekkit staff team. 


I vote the ban is rescinded. 


Nothing against DrCheeseTaco, but as Andrew said, loyalty lies with CraftersLand; not with individuals.

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Larry unless someone higher says the ban stays end of story and T/C 



Nothing against DrCheeseTaco, but as Andrew said, loyalty lies with CraftersLand; not with individuals.

 As for your comment I have always had Craftersland's interests first there was an issue and I dealt with it.  

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Sky_Uniter everyone complains about you on Tekkit, I even watched you kill new guys for no reason.

Do you get some secret pleasure in killing people that have nothing at all to defend themselves?

Whenever a staff member comes on you go and run back to your base and sit there till we leave.

Not to mention a inpenetrable base because you set up a 200 block forcefield dome around it.


Point being.

The ban stays until you let your cockiness aside.

You've got the entire server against you including the staff.

Make your decisions wisely next time.

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