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[Unban] [Jimmel]


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[1] In-Game Username: Jimmel.


[2] Details of Situation: I was permanently banned back in June, due to reasons the network staff are already well aware of. However, I was later unbanned by Powerwarp in early July, being granted the opportunity to play freely once again. Thing is, I logged on today to find out that, apparently, my ban from June is somehow back into effect; same date, reason, you name it. I thought I'd post an unban request about it, since I'm fairly certain it's some sort of misunderstanding, an error. Did you guys have any trouble with LiteBans' database, causing certain punishment records to be re-applied or something? Any chance I was never properly unbanned (on Lobby 2) to begin with? Either way, an explanation would be nice. 


[3] Ban Category: Account ban.


[4] Ban Duration: Permanent.


[5] Staff Member: Powerwarp.


[6] ScreenShots: http://prntscr.com/c3jwli ||  http://prntscr.com/c3jx0n.


[7] Your Reason: I see no reason for my account to be banned at this point in time. The punishment shown in the screenshots above was issued back in June, however I was, as explained, later unbanned, in July.


Thanks in advance!

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