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[Space Factions] Disable Teleport Safety In Order To Prevent Glitching Through Walls


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A week or 2 ago some guys glitched through my wall in order to get in my faction. After that I investigated how did they do it and how it can be prevented. Since then I've heard of multiple cases of people glitching through walls inside other factions.


But I found how did they do it and how to fix it. The server has Essentials on it. Essentials has a thing called teleport safety. What it does is whenever you are teleported via an Essentials command (/tpa, /spawn, /back ...) if the place you want to teleport to is not safe (there are no air blocks or it is in Lava)it will teleport you in a place nearby where there are 2 blocks of air in which you can stand.

The problem is that this safe place can be inside the faction even though you were outside. And that's how they get through walls


To solve it, is actually just a config change. In your Essentials config.yml you should have:

teleport-safety: true


Change it to false and no more glitching through walls using this should be possible.


Things to consider: With this you will be unable to teleport to an usafe location




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