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Elonol21's And Greenbox's Mobfarm


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The origial Mob Farm was desinged created and build by me, but this was not the biggest work.

GreenBox made a program to control all spawners.


There are some images but the mobfarm isnt finished I need to fix some problems and make it look better.

Tell me what do you think about this mobfarm?





Pastebin code for installer: L4fBsYAv

You mustnt make Reallife money or ingame money with this program

You mustnt take any part or the whole program as your work (Direwolf20's API was used in order to create this program)

Do edit Readme   it will help you to configure the monitor and add new Mobspawners

If you have problems with this program tell me or GreenBox


Hope you enjoy it


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