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Crash While Logging Into Server.

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Timur came for help. Problem Solved


Current In-game name: Foogles


Crash Log: CrashReport-CC-SF2.5 - Pastebin.com

2nd attempt: MC-Crash report Foggs - Pastebin.com

3rd attempt MC-Crash report Foggs 2 - Pastebin.com

4th attempt(after a break): 4th attemp.. Foggs - Pastebin.com


Logging in with another account works fine.

Island also seems fine(except for the fact all the computers went crazy)

This might be crashing not just me. The server seems to crash along with me.(server crashed with my alt when i joined with foogles)



I cant realy tell whats wrong from this report but what i see so far is someting invalid spawns.(prob. fluidcow)

Everyting was working just a while ago. I think an update made in a restart could've caused it. I don't know at all.

Probably my inventory got corrupt.



I just remembered.. last thing i did was looking at a wireless map and game crashed right after it.



I would request that map to be taken away from my inventory to any staff member reading this with enough permission. also it appears to be i realy caused a crash.


Aboult the screenshot.. minecraft crashes before i even login. (game freezes at login screen)


Time: a minute before this topic made.(forums are more accurate than i am.)


I don't know if i wrote this under wrong part of the forum please tell me if i did.

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