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[Unban] [Ecir]


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[1] In-Game Username:




[2] Details of Situation:


This is because using the 'F3 + B' 'to see the hitboxs now that's why ban ?


[3] Ban Category:


''using client with advantages''


[4] Ban Duration:


2 Days


[5] Staff Member:




[6] ScreenShots:



[7] Your Reason:


I should unban why not use any '' Client '' only use the F3 + B I use to see hitboxs this confuses a lot with hacks ... here is the video with which it was reporting a hacker and '' use '' the '' Client '' (F3 + B)

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Well, I didn't say 'hacks'. I used the word 'advantages', i.e toggling your sprint. Note that it is a 2-days ban. Look at the others' bans; they are all 5 days. You have been lightly punished because use of any other client it's not really allowed. It is allowed only if it doesn't give you ANY advantage over the other players. The hitboxes maybe don't affect anyone, but you are granted continuous speed while others struggle to keep it up. It's a small punishment for a small advantage :) Be patient and don't use that again. Thanks for your understanding. Topic closed.

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