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Thaumic Energistic System Cannot Store Some Essentia


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As title, I make Messis for create animation core: harvest. However Messis essentia is not accepted by essentia import bus. At first time I though that essentia storage cells are full of 12 essentia types but when I checked only 1 storage cell had 12 types of essentia and the other only have 1 and they just beginning to store 32 Terra. This time I craft 64k essentia storage (I have to slay many of aura nodes on deep dark under lag, disconnect conditins) and the system still not accept Messis even when I use the jar to store it and add to the essentia terminal.

I think maybe this error caused by the missing in config of thaumic energistic, by now this error only create a small problem because I'm not using so much Messis. However I think it need to be fixed.

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New update: after reinstall all of my ME system (I put machines and AE stuff on the upper floor and keep thaumcraft and thaumic energistic items remain), the thaumic system accept these essentia again. I'm finding the problem but my hypothesis is the problem comes from ME drive fixture (I store essentia storage cells on ME drive fixture before)

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